We Offer SBA Hotel Loans and Other Financing to Fit Your Lending Needs.

SBA Preferred Lender

Work With a Top “Preferred” SBA Lending Partner. They have the authority to expedite the application process without the headaches.

"It's Approved" - Sweet Music To Your Ears.

With having a lender with over 25 years of direct SBA lending experience we can easily accommodate your capital needs. 

Fast SBA Loans

Contrary to popular opinion SBA Lending can be completed as FAST as a conventional loan, that is when you use a “Preferred” lender that has a complete dedicated backroom to bring your deal to the closing on your timetable for you SBA loan.

Faster Closings

SBA Loan closings are a collaborative effort between you the committed borrower and a highly trained and skilled preferred lender. The FASTER SBA Lending Partners work together, the sooner the loan will close.

Fastest Service

Our SBA preferred lender can close your loan in 30 – 60 days. We have even closed loans in less than 30 days! We have the FASTEST closing department in the industry. Find out the many programs we have for your SBA Lending needs. 

We Specialize in Hotel Loans & Flagship Properties

Get your loan qualified by an actual SBA preferred lender. Take advantage of a free, thirty-minute phone call we’ll be able to tell you if we could help. 

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Our hotel loans are backed by over 25 years of experience.

SBA Lending Partners provides a reliable SBA officer for hotel loans using their access to many products that will help you get the capital you need quickly. 

Specialist With SBA Funeral Home Loans

Our lenders can guarantee deals between 3.75% – 7.00% rates*, with loans up to $5 million and flexible repayment terms. Variable rate of Prime Rate plus 1.50% to 3.75%.

Our Beliefs

“We help create jobs, create wealth, and change peoples lives through the proper use of both the SBA and USDA programs.” ~ Mr. Bob 

Our Beliefs

Our approach has always been to have the best big bank products without the hassle of the big bank process for our clients.  ~ Mr. Bruno

Our Beliefs

“America’s small businesses our mainstay is to create long-lasting companies that can grow, develop and prosper, like Cleveland Auto Repair ~ Mr. Bob

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