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Funeral Home Loan For Cash Flow
Funeral Home Financing

Use our SBA preferred lenders, our expertise will help your funeral home business succeed with an SBA preferred loan. We can help if you are looking to buy another funeral home to grow your business and need help structuring the deal, our SBA lenders can help.

Funeral Home Loan For Working Capital
Funeral Home Market

The market offers a variety of services to help your Funeral home stay competitive and tight-knit with your clients. We work hard to make sure your family interests, as well as the buyers, are met. We want our Funeral Home loans to be paid back without stress to either party!

Funeral Home Loan For Remodeling
Funeral Home Loans

We help find the right loan for your acquisition, remodeling or refinancing of your funeral home. All Funeral Homes need to be remodeled, we can help offer SBA loans for that new look that your clients demand. We also can finance your funeral home working capital needs. 

"Bob was a knowledgable in helping us leverage our assets to meet our loan requirements.

~ Jay Denim

Our team is backed by over tweny years of experience.

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Could You Qualify For An SBA Funeral Home Loan?

Your credit score is very important when you apply for an SBA loan. Your credit score’s a handy mechanism to access how much risk involved in providing a potential borrower a loan.  Most banks will decline solely based off the credit score and the history that the potential borrower.

Every bank is different but the average American credit score in the range of  651 to 720 is a score that most SBA lenders can work with. 

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