Are You A Certified Hotel Manger?

SBA Lending Partner is always matching hotel investors with experienced hotel managers.

Funeral Home Loan For Cash Flow
Hotel Certified GM

We are looking to match a certified manager to an investor. Every hotel loan requires an experienced management team behind the loan. 

Funeral Home Loan For Working Capital
Experience = Hotel Ownership

Most GMs cannot afford the down payment that is required to own a flagship hotel property, however, there are many investors that NEED an experienced manager to run their property and are willing to make you a partner. 

Funeral Home Loan For Remodeling
Keep Your Money

Partnering up with an investor makes sense for everyone. The hotel manager gets their feet wet with ownership, the investor gets a competent GM and the hotel succeeds. A win for everyone and eventually the GM will purchase their second hotel and then their third…..

"GM's with certification from a flagship hotel can start down their ownership path by partnering with one of our investors"

~ Mark

“Every visible endeavour has been made to make this an amazingly simple product to use.”

~ Leo Gopal

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