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Below are Articles related to SBA loans and further down, SBA business tips.

Thinking of SBA Lending as an option? Here's 10 tips to creating a SBA business plan

  1. First, the executive summary which is essentially the introduction to your business plan when looking for sba lending opportunities
  2. Is your company analysis, which gives a little more background ready?
  3. An important part of your SBA lending plan is your industry analysis. This is where you talk about your market and trends.
  4. Part of your business plan in securing an SBA loans is your customer analysis, go in-depth about your target market here.
  5. The fifth section is your competitive analysis, Here you provide an analysis of your competition including what differentiates you from your competitors.
  6. Number 6 is your marketing plan where you lay out your section of your business plan and how you are going to get the message out.
  7. This part of your sba lending plan is your operations plan where you explain how you actually run the company or who will run it. It is one of the most important parts of an sba loan application.
  8. This step will focus on the management team where you provide bios of your team members. 
  9. This section is your financial plan here you will you give financial forecasts for the business for at least two/three years.
  10. This part of your sba lending plan is your appendix, here you will you provide any additional supporting information so you can complete the sba business plan outline for a loan.
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